Samsung galaxy s21 Ultra-Features, Release Date, Price In India

The Samsung galaxy s21 is incredible.  The Samsung galaxy s21 plus and the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra will release on the same day and this is going to be announced on the  14th of January which is earlier than usual pre-orders are also going to open up on the  14th with the series being launched on the   29th of January.

He also gives us color options. The Samsung galaxy s21 comes in gray, pink-violet, and white.

You can get the s21 plus in black or silver and the  Samsung galaxy s21 ultra in black silver or violet as well.

The information from these two we also know the launch is very soon approaching as the galaxy s21 series has already received its NFC certification which happens closer to the official announcement.

Next, the wireless buds coming free in the packaging of the Samsung galaxy s21.  Now we normally get a pre-order deal.

Samsung may include the new galaxy buds beyond in the packaging for the s21 and this is to try and gain dominance in the wireless earphone market now while this would be great.

The Samsung cost price is of course much lower than the retail.

Next, a new 3d time-of-flight camera from Samsung, and it looks incredible. It seemed after the note that Samsung may have given up with the 3d camera technology, but their newly announced ISO cell 33d shows that they’re back with some big improvements.

Samsung claim their new 3 3d camera provides the best-in-class photography, art or VR experiences as well as 3d   and bokeh effects. The new camera can track objects at 120 frames a second up to 5 meters away for low  Latency tracking it’s also low power requiring 200  milliwatts of power for the assisted autofocus and  400 for this continuous tracking.

The sensor can be used for a very secure face unlock and allow them to compete with apple’s face.

so overall it’s looking like the Sansung galaxy s21 series is gonna be incredible.

The galaxy s21 is the smallest in the range and of course the entry-level model.

Features: Samsung galaxy s21 plus

It comes with a 6.2 inch dynamic AMOLED  display with an expected resolution of 3200. This gives us 563 pixels per inch and it of course  comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

It’s going to be a 120 Hz display with HDR 10 plus.

It comes with a quad HD plus resolution.

It comes with a 12-megapixel sensor similar to the predecessor the phone will be powered by 5 nanometers.

Snapdragon 875 in the snapdragon regions.

It comes with 8 gigs of ram with 128 storage and expects MicroSD support.

it’s of course going to ship with android 11 and on new triple camera setup in a vertical alignment at this poin.

Its battery capacity is 4 000 milliamp  hours and it’s going to support wireless and  reverse wireless charging

Galaxy s21 plus comes with a 6.8-inch quad hd plus AMOLED display like the standard s21 it’s gonna be a flat display but the resolution is still unconfirmed.

This mobile phone comes with  a 64-megapixel ultra-wide a 10  megapixel main and a 10 megapixel ultrawide which

gives us a triple camera setup on the rear and  the selfie camera.

Features: Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

The largest of the range and the most premium model the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra comes with a 6.9   inch dynamic amoled display it’s expected to come with a resolution of 1440 by 3200 giving us 511  pixels per inch.

It comes with an in-display, fingerprint scanner, it’s going to be a 120hz  display and unlike the smaller two models.

The  Samsung galaxy s21 ultra is gonna have a curved display  It supports 120 Hz and quad hd plus resolution or

if they will enforce the same restrictions we’re  going to punch our selfie camera in the top center

It comes with 40 megapixels. The phone will be powered by the snapdragon 875 in the snapdragon regions and the Exynos 2100 globally both versions again are going to be 5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations to its predecessor.

So this is going to be 12 gigs of ram or more with 128 storage and MicroSD support and again it will ship with Android 11.

A new  quad-camera setup in this lowercase t alignment and again. we’re not going to speculate on sensors until we’ve got more solid proof but expect a  wide an ultrawide in telephoto and it’s looking very likely that the primary camera is going to be  the 108 megapixel hm2. You will get another sensor on top of the quad-camera setup.

A timer flight sensor battery capacity is 5 000 milliamp hours in it supports wireless and reverse wireless charging and it will be at least 25 watts all in all the Samsung galaxy s21 is looking like a great.





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